Are you a concerned parent or grandparent looking for an easy way to help your kids & Grandkids to focus more on Jesus in their lives?

Are you looking for an fun way to talk about concepts like prayer and baptism?

If so we’d like to introduce you to the world of Grace-N-Mercy and their Pathway to the King!

Issue #1 Power of the Warrior (a prayer warriors tale) joins Grace as she races through the desert, faces adversity, champions those in need, and includes Jesus, through prayer, every step of the way.

Power of the Warrior includes comic, activity pages, and a special note from Grace that opens the door for Parents/Grandparents to talk about prayer and its importance in our daily lives.

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Grace is an energetic 11 year old Christian who loves exploring God’s creation, the realities of the Bible, and all kinds of other cool stuff. She is frequently joined by her 13 year old, tech-whiz brother Max, and her feathered friend Mercy, as she ventures into today’s world. Grace reflects her love of Jesus Christ to those around her and learns how to deepen her walk in every situation.

A collection of six issues, the Pathway to the King Collection invites the Christian adventurer to walk through the stages of being a Christian. Starting with the simple but powerful act of talking to God and concluding with reflecting Jesus in all you do. Our stories are a simple, introductory pathway to meet, accept, know, follow, and reflect Jesus.

A close knit bunch, the clan McClure find themselves supporting Grace in all kinds of adventures.

“Doc” McClure: The heart of the operation is Grace’s Grandmother. Often referred to as Grandma, Doc is a Veterinarian who loves all things animal and sets the example for caring for all of God’s creation.

Grace McClure: The center of our adventures, Grace is a typical 11 year old in most respects. She’s curious about God and his creation and is fascinated by pretty much everything. Grace finds herself exploring the world with her family and friends in the most unique ways.

Mercy: A Peregrine Falcon that Grace befriended after a chance encounter in the rural Arizona canyons near her Grandparent’s ranch.

Max McClure: Grace’s 13 year-old brother always seems to find a way to use his fascination with technology to enhance the McClures’ day to day lives.

Grandpa McClure: The elder statesman of the clan and Grace’s biggest fan, Grandpa tries his best to support Grace’s curious nature and her fascination in all things.

Did you know you can paddle board on the same river where Jesus was baptized? Use a jet pack on the Sea of Galilee?

From the Canyons of Northern Arizona to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the World of Grace-N-Mercy features real world, geographically correct locations for our adventures. The Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Nazareth, and Jerusalem are all featured in the Pathway to the King collection.